The MNGFC is a values-based organization that strives to serve its members and its community by fulfilling our mission to:
Provide our community access to the best regional, sustainable, safe, and environmentally conscious food through the development of a community-owned grocery store and educational food center. The MNGFC provides fair value to producers for their products and living wage models for its staff while promoting co-operative value and participation.
Become an owner of your community food co-op!

A $60 lifetime investment for your entire household will have many financial and social benefits. It’s easy to join and by becoming a member-owner you will be supporting a life for your community that:

  • Recognizes the importance of building a strong food-based economy;
  • Thinks about food;
  • Fosters a sense of community resilience, diversity, sustainability and care;
  • Educates and shares ideas, knowledge, objectives and goals to all;
  • Provides highest quality, affordable & natural foods and products in a beautiful and inspiring environment;
  • Builds a growing membership who are served effectively;
  • Promotes community interchange of ideas;
  • Commits to a model of social justice through our actions

Benefits of Co-operatives:

  • Co-operatives improve livelihoods and strengthen local economies
  • Co-operatives use the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ approach: people, planet, profits
  • Co-operatives address and serve the needs of its owners
  • Co-operatives care for their communities
  • Co-operatives are sustainable enterprises
  • Co-operatives promote participation and give everyone a voice
  • Co-operatives are true democracy in action