Community Bond Initiative

“Our way of democratizing finance and turning one small seed into a community changing project!”

Muskoka North Good Food Co-op is an innovative solution to a pressing social, economic and environmental problem that we are experiencing throughout Ontario and the globe; lack of secure local food systems, inadequate globalized food production, rising transportation costs, and the steady depletion of Canada’s small-scale farmers. MNGFC is an initiative, which tackles these major social issues and offers new ideas for wide-scale change in the supply and demand capacities in Muskoka and Northern Ontario.

Working as co-operative change-makers, and applying market-based strategies, MNGFC is implementing an understandable and ethical shared vision to create a viable and competitive business structure. Northern Ontario business growth and investment using ‘triple bottom-line’ targets (social, environmental, financial) will remain central to the operation.

Now that a comprehensive Business Plan has been developed, organizers are working to leverage the financing required to implement this great plan. With over 550 member-owners already, Huntsville is in a perfect position to make this dream a reality, by investing in a community-owned vision. MNGFC’s Community Bond Initiative is a momentous way to support the delivery of this amazing project by offering all member-owners the opportunity to invest in their own community food co-op.

A detailed Investment Package is available through one easy step. Click here and email us your request! Along with the Investment Package, you will also receive an MNGFC Bond Representative’s contact information, so that arrangements can be made to meet in person, or answer all questions you may have about Muskoka North Good Food Co-op or the Community Bond Initiative specifically.

Farmers in the Playground

Dirt Makes You Grow!

Farmers in the Playground is an inspiring initiative that has been uniting kids to their world, by offering programs that teach how to grow and eat good food, right in their own schoolyards! Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative teaches everyone that “Dirt Makes you Grow!”.

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