Throughout Muskoka, between 2012-2014, comprehensive analysis, along with widespread, regional consultations and research was achieved, resulting in both the Muskoka Foodshed Report, and the Muskoka Food & Agriculture Charter. In response to the outcomes and recommendations of these documents, in 2013, a diverse, grassroots group of food systems advocates formed The Common Roots Food Collective. The mission of this group was to join together networks, resources, ideas and visions to create what will become a highly sustainable model of best practices in food security and local economic development measures for Huntsville, Muskoka, and ultimately all of Northern Ontario.

In November 2013, the formation of a co-operative mechanism designed for the strengthening of food access and distribution systems along with regional agri-food capacity building and community education began. Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative was incorporated by a strategically formed Board of Directors, and a comprehensive Business Plan was developed with input from leading Ontario co-operative development experts and various advisors. This plan now guides the development and implementation of Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative.