-Q: Can anyone shop at the Co-op? 
Yes! We are an inclusive organization and EVERYONE IS WELCOME to shop at the Co-op.
-Q: Do you have to live in Muskoka to join?
No, we have several member-owners who reside in other parts of Ontario. Most have become members because they spend time at their cottages in the area through the summer, and because they appreciate what the Co-op is doing and want to show their support by becoming members.
-Q: How much does it cost to join?
Our multi-stakeholder lifetime membership model is as follows:
Family Membership (all who live under the same roof)- $60/life
Producer Membership (all producers featured in the Co-op are owners of the Co-op)- $60/life
Corporate Membership (any business that would like to become owners of the Co-op- this encompasses the business owner(s) not the staff of the business)- $100/life
-Q: What are the benefits of being a Co-op member?
  • The first and most important benefit is that it is the Co-op member-owners who have and are making this great project happen. All member-owners are investing in the creation and growth of a democratic, open and inclusive regional food system that supports our local agri-food producers, offers the benefit of food literacy education, builds a thriving local food economy, and gets delicious, safe and nutritious foods onto more plates of more people right where we live!
  • Members receive weekly discounts on special sales items
  • Members have priority access to workshops, trainings, special events. They also see cost savings on all tickets and registrations.
  • Members have the ability to sit on the Board of Directors, on special committees and act as advisors
  • Members can special order bulk items through the Co-op with a reduced purchase rate
  • Members will have access to case-lot sales as they arise
  • Members can volunteer and take advantage of our Co-op Ambassador perks as we develop and grow
-Q: What does the Co-op carry? Does the Co-op carry organic food? Does the Co-op carry only organic food?
The Co-op has an important and integral Procurement Policy in place which all of our purchasing decisions are based on. Here’s the Policy. (link)
The Co-op provides an always growing, and diversified stock. Our main grocery categories are as follows:
Proteins: Including meats, fish, bulk beans and pulses, organic tofu, tempeh and much more
Dairy: Organic Ontario produced milk, cream, sour cream and yogurts, a wide selection of cheeses (cow and goat milk)
Eggs: Certified and local chicken, duck and quail eggs
Produce: First, regional, carefully sourced produce as much as the seasons can sustain us, then we source certified organic Ontario-grown, and last we source certified organic imports (because we need avocado’s and banana’s!)
Value-added: A beautiful selection of culinary artisanal products made from regional ingredients by producers in Muskoka, Northern and Southern Ontario
Bulk: A wide variety from beans and lentils, to popcorn and cane sugar- all certified organic and majority of it Ontario/Canada produced
Grains and Flours: Locally produced rolled oats, freshly milled, locally-produced flours, Ontario-grown quinoa, and a growing variety of baking ingredients including dried fruits, seeds and nuts
Body Care Products: Developed by regional health experts who use nothing but the safest and most ethically produced and sourced ingredients
Home Care: As our members ask for home care products, we source them, bring them in and sustain them on our shelves
Pet Treats: Coming straight from Haliburton, we are proud that our dog treats are as awesome as our people treats. Clean, pure and produced locally!
*One more thing: All of the food at the Co-op is GMO free! Praises be!
-Q: Do members have to work at the Co-op?
No this is not a requirement; however, we LOVE member-volunteers. The more volunteer input we have, the easier it is to meet our mandate of providing the best access to the best food for ALL. Please check out our Volunteer Ambassador page to see how you can become more involved in the day-to-day operations of the Co-op. We would love to have you! Oh yeah, once the Co-op opens in its full capacity, there will be great benefits offered to those who volunteer like lunch at the Café and discounts on your groceries!